Windham County Status Updates…

Welcome!  This blog is intended as a one-stop switchboard for Windham County information post-Irene.  If you can’t find something you need to know about the recovery efforts on this site (or if the information is wrong or confusing) – let us know and we’ll try to find it, fix it, or create it.

  • As a blog, update posts appear in the main column.  The most recent posts are at the top of the wide left column, and as more posts are added, old ones drift lower.  (If they’re not on the screen, you can still find them by clicking “older posts” or sorting by category on the right.)  We update blog posts if the information in them changes.
  • Pages with key information are listed at the top and again on the top right (Home, Towns-Businesses-Organizations,…, Maps).  We change the information on the pages as often as we get updates.
  • You can find specific types of messages through “Categories” under the Pages listed at right.  For example, click “Handouts” to see all the blog posts with handouts.

If you see any misinformation or have updates or recommendations on how to make this site more useful, please send it in!

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2 Responses to Windham County Status Updates…

  1. Jim Mahoney says:

    A page with links to photos, both during and after, would be helpful. I’ve found many on facebook, news, local regional sites etc, but haven’t seen a good index.

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