Labor Day Volunteering

It’s Friday before Labor Day, and a lot of people will be coming to Vermont – friends, family, part-time residents, vacationers, and volunteers.  For those of you visiting, first off, welcome!  While there are several parts of Vermont that are still struggling and isolated, most of the state is unscathed – we’re a small state, but we’re not THAT small.  If you are going to one of the hard-hit areas, please be patient, and if you can, volunteer some time to help out.

Another blog on this site, VTReponse, is focused on connecting volunteers with projects across the state – you can find projects there by clicking on “Help Needed”.  In Windham County, the United Way of Windham County (UWWC) is running their annual Day of Caring on Saturday, September 3, with a range of pre- and post-Irene projects.  UWWC also hopes to have an online database up today to connect volunteers with people who need help.

In the hardest-hit areas, many people are literally focused on survival right now, and aren’t set up to direct an influx of volunteers.  That doesn’t mean they don’t need or can’t use help – they may just be too overwhelmed to organize it.  If there’s no specific work party in an area, odds are that if you’ve got tools and appropriate work/protective gear and you stop by a house or business where someone is cleaning, you will be welcome to pitch in – and very much appreciated.

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