Daily News Highlights – Monday September 5

We’ll update this post with news highlights all day – for a quick overview you should be able to just check this entry (under the category Status Updates).  Final update: 10:00pm.

Repair Updates:

  • We have not seen any reports of further road damage from the rains as of 10:00pm, but damage may not be evident until morning – flash flood warnings remain in effect through morning, drive carefully Tuesday
  • VTrans Site is best for state routes (now with an easy-to-understand chart)
  • WRC site is best for roads in Windham County
  • Route 9 from Brattleboro to Wilmington is open for reduced traffic (local and essential only); the bridge preventing passage to Bennington may be open by Friday, September 9
  • Route 103 in its entirety is open to two-way traffic (but work continues)
  • Route 100 is open but at reduced levels (local and essential traffic only) and has several single-lane areas from the MA border through Wardsboro; closed south of Jamaica
  • Route 30 is navigable (with detours) from Brattleboro through Townshend but has several bridges out in Jamaica and Winhall
  • Jamaica and Dover are requesting that people try to stay out of their towns for the weekend to allow reconstruction to proceed as fast as possible
  • Wilmington requires passes for downtown access
  • Power: CVPS is tracking 2 outages and GMP has 7 in Windham County (both numbers have been 0 but fluctuate with the storms and efforts to make permanent repairs)

Disaster Assistance:

  • Residents and businesses should now be able to register with FEMA at http://www.disasterassistance.gov/
  • Handout on FEMA assistance process: BB Handout FEMA Process (79KB PDF)
  • FEMA has established a DRC at Withington Arena in Brattleboro – the initial role is simply to help with registration, so unless people have questions they do not need to visit the DRC once they are registered and have their number
  • If they have not done so already, people should compile documentation and contact their insurance, town clerks, and 2-1-1 to report damage
  • VTResponse.wordpress.com is a good site to use to ask for help or find volunteer opportunities across the state

Business Reopenings:

  • MOST businesses and organizations across Vermont and Windham County are open normally – check this page for places across the county or this page for the Deerfielf Valley


  • Flash flood watch continues through Tuesday at 8am – if waters start rising, evacuate to higher ground immediately
  • Scattered showers and thunderstorms today, some producing heavy rain, with a high in the low 70s, then occasional showers with heavy rains tonight with a low around 55
  • Cloudy with showers all day tomorrow, high in the mid 60s

Other News:

  • Wilmington made the ABC and WCAX Evening News tonight
  • The Guilford fair concluded with a square dance in the evening
  • The remnants of tropical storm Lee may generate rain for the area on Wednesday; Hurricane Katia is expected to stay well out to sea

As always, if you have an update, send it in!

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