WindhamStatus Changes

This site has gone through a lot of changes, in content and structure, in its six days.  Our goal is to keep every page as up to date as possible so that you can come here and find the latest reference or best guide available.

Quick Description of What’s Where as of Tuesday, September 6:

  • Blog Column – key updates and notifications
  • Towns, Businesses, and Organizations – information about towns and the places in them – meetings, closings, key announcements, etc.
  • How to Get Help – information about how to get state, local, and federal assistance
  • How to Help Out – information about how you can give or volunteer to help people in Windham County
  • Quick References – as comprehensive a list as we can get of handouts, guides, and websites related to: Cleaining Up, Individual Assistance, Farm Assistance, Business Assistance, Public Assistance, and Repair Replace Rebuild
  • Contact Info – websites, phone numbers, and other information about every federal, state, and local group that is involved in this disaster (may modify this soon since much info is replicated in Quick Reference section)
  • News – a list of good sources for original news and pictures from Irene
  • Maps – links to the most authoritative information we can find about road status and power outages

There is an enormous amount of information out there, and we’re trying to help organize it so that you can find what you need and move on.  If you have any suggestions on how to make this site more useful, please send it in.

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