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Guidelines for In-Stream Work

ANR Handout Instream Guidelines (14KB PDF) – this two page handout from the Vermont Agency for Natural Resources provides some important guidance and information about in-stream work. Advertisements

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Guide to Managing Debris After a Disaster

NERC Guide debris_management (372KB PDF) – this 21 page guide from the Northeast Recycling Center provides good, clear, and detailed information for town officials, residents, and small businesses dealing with solid waste after a natural disaster.

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Health Guide from DOH

DOH Guide Health (691KB PDF) – this guide from DOH has 13 pages of health related handouts covering: Respiratory Protection General Flood Information Drinking Water Guidelines Drinking Water Disinfection Common Post-Disaster Hazards Steps to Take Before Returning Home Managing Emotional Consequences

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FEMA Funding Declaration

The President has now signed the declaration of FEMA funding for Windham County, which means people can register online at or by calling 1-800-621-3362. Registration takes about 20 minutes for an individual or a household and you need your personal information, social security … Continue reading

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Before You Move Back In

090111_irenerecoverysteps (126KB PDF) – this two-page document from the Vermont Department of Health has great information on what you should do before you return to your home or building. Note: this includes directions for how to get FREE well-testing kits  – … Continue reading

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Help from the IRS

No, this post is not a joke.  It’s probably too early for most people to be thinking about taxes, but eventually these may be useful. If you were affected by this major disaster, these Disaster Losses Kits (one for businesses and … Continue reading

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Help After a Disaster

FEMA has an Applicant’s Guide to the Individuals & Households Program – Help After a Disaster – on their website in multiple languages (the English version is an 867KB PDF).  It’s a good reference with definitions, codes, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), … Continue reading

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Disaster Declaration Process

FEMA Disaster Declaration Process (373KB, PDF) This is a FEMA guide to the Disaster Declaration Process – an overview of how assistance works and what types of assistance are available.

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Residential Flood Recovery

Residential Flood Recovery (688KB PDF file) This book (from FEMA and the American Red Cross) gives step-by-step advice you can use to clean up, rebuild, and get help after a flood. Before you start, read the safety precautions at the top … Continue reading

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