Please do not sight-see on damaged roads – if you’re on it, they can’t fix it.  And “the GPS told me to go this way” is not the right answer.

Road Maps

  • Windham County Road Closures – regional map updated several times a day based on town reports to the Windham Regional Commission – this is the most accurate map of roads and statuses available for Windham County
  • VTrans map – this map is great and has multiple overlays (toggle on the right side, including water levels and power outages) but it is apparently only updated twice a day and the local information is not as reliable as the WRC map; this is the most accurate map available for Vermont state
  • VTrans site – not a map, but the AOT now has an easily-understandable chart on their homepage listing roads and their status by section
  • Massachusetts Google Map – no information or guarantees about how reliable this map is, but it shows problems in western Massachusetts

Power Outages

How do I get there from here?

Links to maps are above, but if you’re here you’re probably trying to answer that question. Unfortunately there’s no authoritative answer at the moment. Public works departments and contractors are performing some herculean tasks repairing roadways, but some roads are open, some are now passable but should be left clear for reconstruction and truly key vehicles, and some are simply destroyed.  As we get information here, we will fill these in:

  • Rockingham to Rutland: Route 103 in its entirety is open to two-way traffic (but work continues)
  • Brattleboro Wilmington: Go through MA and up to route 100; Route 9 is closed except for local and essential traffic only – no commercial vehicles
  • Brattleboro to Bennington: through MA and up Route 7

If you have an approved path to get from here to there, please send it in.


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