AOT Looking for Temporary Employees

The Agency of Transportation is recruiting qualified temporary employees to assist with Hurricane Irene Recovery Efforts – read more on WKVT blog.

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Drinking Water Advisory

The Vermont Department of Health is offering free water test kits for residents with private drinking water wells that may have been contaminated with floodwaters.
“If your private drinking water well was covered with floodwater, is located very near a flooded area, or there is a change in quality – odor or taste – assume that it is contaminated, take all precautions and get it tested,” said Health Commissioner Harry Chen, MD – read more on the WKVT blog.

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Watch Out for Fraud

While it’s unfortunate to have to discuss this, there is some great info on how to protect yourself from fraud on this VTResponse page.

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Deerfield River in Wilmington

The river in Wilmington is near flood stage again – WKVT blog.

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No reports of new damage yet…

The good news is we haven’t received any reports of significant new damage from the heavy rains of the past few days.  Hopefully that’s because there is none – but it could also be because any damage just hasn’t been noticed or reported yet.  Please drive carefully – you don’t want to be the first to discover the road’s out, the hard way.

Throughout the day we will post any big news, and roll up changes in the daily update post.  If you have any updates or new information, please report it locally but also comment here or send it in so we can keep people in other towns informed.

(Edit: Some roads were degraded, but Wardsboro suffered some washouts.)

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Daily News Highlights – Monday September 5

We’ll update this post with news highlights all day – for a quick overview you should be able to just check this entry (under the category Status Updates).  Final update: 10:00pm.

Repair Updates:

  • We have not seen any reports of further road damage from the rains as of 10:00pm, but damage may not be evident until morning – flash flood warnings remain in effect through morning, drive carefully Tuesday
  • VTrans Site is best for state routes (now with an easy-to-understand chart)
  • WRC site is best for roads in Windham County
  • Route 9 from Brattleboro to Wilmington is open for reduced traffic (local and essential only); the bridge preventing passage to Bennington may be open by Friday, September 9
  • Route 103 in its entirety is open to two-way traffic (but work continues)
  • Route 100 is open but at reduced levels (local and essential traffic only) and has several single-lane areas from the MA border through Wardsboro; closed south of Jamaica
  • Route 30 is navigable (with detours) from Brattleboro through Townshend but has several bridges out in Jamaica and Winhall
  • Jamaica and Dover are requesting that people try to stay out of their towns for the weekend to allow reconstruction to proceed as fast as possible
  • Wilmington requires passes for downtown access
  • Power: CVPS is tracking 2 outages and GMP has 7 in Windham County (both numbers have been 0 but fluctuate with the storms and efforts to make permanent repairs)

Disaster Assistance:

  • Residents and businesses should now be able to register with FEMA at
  • Handout on FEMA assistance process: BB Handout FEMA Process (79KB PDF)
  • FEMA has established a DRC at Withington Arena in Brattleboro – the initial role is simply to help with registration, so unless people have questions they do not need to visit the DRC once they are registered and have their number
  • If they have not done so already, people should compile documentation and contact their insurance, town clerks, and 2-1-1 to report damage
  • is a good site to use to ask for help or find volunteer opportunities across the state

Business Reopenings:

  • MOST businesses and organizations across Vermont and Windham County are open normally – check this page for places across the county or this page for the Deerfielf Valley


  • Flash flood watch continues through Tuesday at 8am – if waters start rising, evacuate to higher ground immediately
  • Scattered showers and thunderstorms today, some producing heavy rain, with a high in the low 70s, then occasional showers with heavy rains tonight with a low around 55
  • Cloudy with showers all day tomorrow, high in the mid 60s

Other News:

  • Wilmington made the ABC and WCAX Evening News tonight
  • The Guilford fair concluded with a square dance in the evening
  • The remnants of tropical storm Lee may generate rain for the area on Wednesday; Hurricane Katia is expected to stay well out to sea

As always, if you have an update, send it in!

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Clean up work prompts health concerns

People continue to pick up the pieces in the wake of Irene, and with that clean up comes health concerns… It’s storm debris with nails in it that’s a concern around the state and that’s what’s bringing the majority of people in.  – Read more on WCAX.

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First Cut at Contractors and Services

If you were affected by the storm and you’re in a position to start repairing damage, it may be hard to find someone who’s not themselves rebuilding or already overbooked.  On the Quick Reference – Repair Replace Rebuild page we’ve listed a few sites where you may be able to find someone in the surrounding area who can help.

(All of these businesses are either certified through Efficiency Vermont or members of their local chambers of commerce, so we certainly hope that they are reliable and reputable, but we cannot make any guarantees.  Please don’t let anyone take advantage of you because of the disaster.)

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Contractor Finder on Efficiency Vermont

We are trying to gather information about reputable contractors, electricians, and other businesses that can help people recover and rebuild after  Irene.  While we work on that, Efficiency Vermont already has an online database of Building Performance Institute certified contractors.

Efficiency Vermont Irene Recovery Page

Efficiency Vermont Contractor Finder Page



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FEMA Community Relations Fanning Out

FEMA NR 005 (191KB PDF) – Community Relations (CR) teams from the Federal Emergency Management Agency are reaching out to Vermonters across the state who were affected by Tropical Storm Irene. “Our people are looking to make sure renters, homeowners and business owners know about the disaster assistance programs that FEMA and the Small Business Administration have available, as well as to identify any unmet needs,” said FEMA’s Federal Coordinating Officer Craig Gilbert.

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