Public Assistance

This page contains the best available references for Public Assistance (Infrastructure) – local governements – after a disaster.  If you find an error in these, or have something to add or replace one of these, please send it in!

Public Assistance / Infrastructure:

Unofficial Notes from VLCT Teleconference, September 6 (to be cleaned up later today!):

  • Within Vermont, the State AOT will head recovery efforts through Regional Planning Commissions (RPCs) to towns
  • The key FEMA meeting is the Applicant Briefing (run by the state) which is followed by the Kickoff Meeting where individual towns meet with their FEMA project officer
  • FEMA’s rules of thumb for contracting: (coming this afternoon)
  • Some stream restrictions have been lifted (see post from yesterday) but coordinate with ANR when doing in-stream work
  • Get FEMA permission before doing stream work on private property (could be allowed if there was a public safety issue BUT much easier to justify with permission)
  • Dover should have a DRC by tomorrow
  • For Debris Removal, wood and trees are PA eligible, but household debris removal is only eligible for individual to claim (contentious issue)

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